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Thread: Help needed,Front Styles?? For a Tilite ZRA

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    Help needed,Front Styles?? For a Tilite ZRA

    Hi there I am about to buy my first new Tilite ZRA and I am trying to decide on the front end style, Is there any Pictures anywhere to show the difference between the V Front end and the Tapered front end??I am going with a 17x17 chair with a 15.5 seat to footrest.
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    On women I find that a tapered seat looks nice.
    It follows the hips tapers to the knee and than
    follows your leg straight down.

    Also on a side note, make sure your seat is as narrow as
    possible, but comfortable, remember that seat width will
    affect your wheel width, and that a narrower seat places
    the wheels closer to your body and helps protect your biceps,
    shoulders, and arms.

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