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Thread: Video recommendation re. patient experience

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    Video recommendation re. patient experience

    In my home life I'm a spouse and caregiver for my husband with a SCI. In my work life I am a nurse educator for a four hospital health system. We have an LTACH (long term acute care hospital) and I've been asked to help identify some learning activities to help nursing staff "understand and identify the unique stressors and communication needs of patients and families in long term acute care situations". We have a couple learning activities already but I'm looking for one more. Any suggestions on short videos (less than 20 minutes) or even articles that provide the patient/family perspective. We know that those long months in the hospital are very difficult and we want to find that "perfect" video or story that can help our staff enhance their compassion and sensitivity to their patients and family. Any suggestions??
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    This is my favorite nursing home education education film. I saw it lhen it first came out in 1973. It was produced by the Boston U. Communication Program. Regrettably, it is still all too appropriate. Probably most CC members will relate to it. Note: It opens with a mouse cartoon. Watch it to the end. You will both laugh and cry. It is about 15 minutes long.
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    Thanks - I'll take a look at it. The facility in question is a hospital, not a nursing home but there may still be some applications.

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