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Thread: cAMP Levels & Recovery?

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    OK fair enough. I'm still not satisfied with my knowledge of dibutyryl (or any other) cAMP.

    Of the 3 components to this therapy (Rolipram, cAMP & cell transplant) we know 2 of them are safe and (relatively) easily available. What about the dibutyryl cAMP (or any other cAMP)? What's the track record, where can one get it, etc, etc.

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    Kilgore, forskolin increases db cAMP levels, the type that is capable of permeating the b/b barrier so snorting it wouldn't be necessary. Forskolin taken over several months along with other cAMP mediators may have had a more noticeable effect.

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    Carl R, The rolipram was not given directly to the spinal cord in Dr. Bunge's study. It was given subcutaneously. The dibutyryl cAMP was given directly to the spinal cord.

    MikeK, I don't know of any clinical trial that have applied db cAMP or any other form of cAMP to the brain or spinal cord. I think that I have posted several catalogs where dozens of different membrane soluble cAMP can be bought for experimental purposes.

    Seneca, you are right. There are many many treatments that increase cAMP. As I think that I have mentioned in other topics, it is possible that theophylline may increase cAMP levels in the spinal cord (although to my knowledge, this has not yet been confirmed). Forskolin stimulates adenyl cyclase that stimulates the production of more cAMP in cells. Catecholamines, serotonin, histamine, and other neurotransmitters may increase cAMP.


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    Dr. Young found the drug name for Di-Butyryl cAMP this morning, it's Bucladesine.

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    Dr. Young

    I realize that cAMP and CREB are different, however are they not related in the endocrine system? The following is my understanding of how they relate:

    Binding of the hormone to the receptor activates a G protein associated with the cytoplasmic C-terminal

    This initiates the production of a "second messenger".

    The most common of these are:

    cyclic AMP, (cAMP)which is produced by adenylyl cyclase from ATP

    and inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate (IP3)

    The second messenger, in turn, initiates a series of intracellular events such as:

    phosphorylation and activation of enzymes

    release of Ca2+ stores within the cytoplasm

    In the case of cAMP, these enzymatic changes activate the transcription factor CREB (cAMP response element binding protein)

    Bound to its response element
    5' TGACGTCA 3'
    in the promoters of genes that are able to respond to the hormone, activated CREB turns on gene transcription.
    The cell begins to produce the appropriate gene products in response to the hormonal signal it had received at its surface

    So, wouldn't a rise in CREB be associated with a rise in cAMP, since cAMP activates CREB?

    Sorry to keep pressing on this, but I am really trying to figure this out....

    Thanks in advance for your answer.

    Eric Harness,CSCS
    Project Walk®

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    Yes, cAMP and CREB are related but in the same way as your foot on the accelerator and carburator of your car are related.

    CREB can go up but that does not mean that cAMP is up. If CREB is broken or low, then an elevation of cAMP does not initiate gene transcription (although cAMP does have other pathways to affect the cell).

    In other words, if you are not pressing on the accelerator, it doesn't matter how many carburators you have. On the other hand, if the carburator is broken, pressing on the accelerator does nothing.

    Oh, one other thing, I think that all the studies cited examined mRNA for CREB and not the protein. Increased CREB mRNA does not necessarily mean increased CREB protein.


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    Much clearer now!

    Thank you.

    Eric Harness,CSCS
    Project Walk®

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    Seneca or Wise, where is this catalog for Bucladesine? Do doctors prescribe it and who would most likely benefit from using it? I'm partially paralyzed with full sensation.



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    Jan, dibutyryl cAMP has to be injected into the spinal cord. Wise.

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    Oh, sorry, Wise. I should've read closer. Sounds like trying forskolin might help with my spasticity. Thanks again!


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