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Thread: U.S. Paralympian Nick Springer: Sports "saved my life"

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    U.S. Paralympian Nick Springer: Sports "saved my life"

    Nicks a good dude.

    (CBS News) In August of 1999, 14-year-old Nick Springer was given his last rites in a Massachusetts hospital. Doctors said the New York teen had a 10 percent chance of survival after he contracted a rare form of meningitis while hiking the Appalachian Trail during summer camp.

    Eight weeks later, Springer awoke from an induced coma in a New York hospital burn unit. Surgeons had been forced to amputate his legs above the knee and his arms below the elbow. The boy was now swaddled in bandages, weighing 52 pounds. Springer, a lifelong hockey player, couldn't feed or dress himself, let alone think about lacing up his skates. But while he was transformed physically, he was undeterred mentally.

    "My family made a point of showing me my life was not over," he said. "It was more of a timeout."

    That timeout has become a distant memory. Next month, Springer, now 27, will board a London-bound plane in pursuit of his second wheelchair rugby gold medal at the Paralympic Games. Full Article

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    They just took the gold in Canada last week.

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    Nick is a great guy and athlete. we were teammates when he played in fl.

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    It's a inspiring story and I wish the best for him. However, I seriously have to question statements like this: "If I could trade never getting sick for all the experiences and all the memories, would I do it? There's no way in hell. I've done things in my life I wouldn't trade for the world." It makes for warm and fuzzy feel good print but....c'mon.

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    if you knew Nick then you wouldnt doubt that statement.

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