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Thread: Robbie is in ICU with an infection

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    Really important they know the bacteria they're dealing with, hope they got a culture. Best wishes for a good outcome Robbie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SharonD View Post
    patton, thanks...this info is really helpful. I just keep learning form all of you.

    MRI results showed infection in the bone so its Osteo. Waiitng for docs now to come in and tell me course of action.

    Robbie is no little school girl either...hes a champ just like you!
    Ask about the availability of a hyperbaric chamber/ HBot for treatment. University of MD has one as does Washington Med Center for their burn unit.
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    Culture showed strep and staff. I will ask about HBot. Some discussion of flap surgery down the road. Antibiotics with PICC line for 6-8 weeks. Does this sound correct?

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    In my case my ears couldn't handle the pressure, I couldn't equalize even when they pressurized slowly. If Robbie can it may be worthwhile. They managed to clear my ankle osteo with 40 days of IV antibiotic without the hyperbaric.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SharonD View Post
    Culture showed strep and staff. I will ask about HBot. Some discussion of flap surgery down the road. Antibiotics with PICC line for 6-8 weeks. Does this sound correct?
    Definitely sounds correct as far as the antibiotics. My husband was hospitalized for 15 days last year due to osteo and when he came home he was on 2 different iv antibiotics that I administered to him 3 times a day. Be careful with the PICC line and if he shows any hint of a fever once he is home, have his PICC line checked. My husband ran a low grade temp 10 days after getting out of the hospital initially and it turned out his PICC line was infected. They ended up taking it out, and putting a new one in his other arm 4 days later.
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    have them install just a regular picc, not the power picc with the clamp on it. apparently those need maintenance with heparin flushes in between doses. if they do put tht picc in, make sure that whomever will be maintaining the picc, home nurse agency, has a protocol that is in sync with the supplier and the hospital. i had such a nightmare with "do we use heparin? no? yes? when?" and it was an issue of how the hospital puts them in vs what the med supplier wanted vs what my home nursing agency followed
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    If he goes in the hyperbaric chamber and can't equalize his ears get him some REAL Sudafed. Not the pseudo pseudoephedrine; you want the fulll-on crystal meth making stuff. I have to take it to scuba dive as does every diver I know. HB chamber = oxygen-rich diving simulation.

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    looks like there may be a chamber here in Richmond. is this treatment a one time thing or do you go for numerous treatments?

    I will inquire here with the docs. thanks all!

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    I tried to get HBOT treatments but a PICC line won't allow you too, at least it didn't for me. It's quite costly.
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    Sharon, as a former tween and teen who had to go through the same kind of stuff as Robbie is dealing with, I want to tell you how much easier it is to handle with a mom like you always by your side! You remind me a lot of My Mom, which is about the highest compliment I can offer.

    Got the fingers that still work crossed that Robbie tolerates the antibiotics so well the presence of the PICC line and the time he will hopefully spend in the hyperbaric chamber are the only reasons aware he's being treated.

    Still sending good thoughts your way. Remember to take as good care of yourself as you do of Robbie so you're around for the long run. Us kids who've been through these life-threatening/life-changing experience with our parents ever at our side need you so much, even long after we become adults capable of advocating for ourselves.
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