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Thread: My first pressure sore - what to do?

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    Question My first pressure sore - what to do?


    I am quite positive that 4 years old cushion, lot of sitting
    and my slouch position brought me here.

    First I felt burning in my bum after prolong sitting in
    last few months but I didn't pay much attention as I have more
    sensitivity and burning in my bum and my legs about 2 years ago since I increased my exercise program and burning is kind of normal thing.
    About 2 weeks ago I have noticed kind of bumpy skin on the edge of my flaps.
    My wife add extra body cream with vitamin E (St.Ives brand name)
    and looks it is going away. 4 days ago we noticed rednes and red dots in
    sacrum area and 2 days ago some clear (shiny) discharge start from
    that arrea - possibly from those skin bumps. Since 4 days ago,
    most of the time I am laying in my bad on a sidea and uncovered and my wife
    is using poly-sporin (I guess Canadian version of neosporin) or
    Aloa vera gel. She also put for me few times, ice packs
    when we have noticed that part is hot.
    I am waiting for doctor's appointment.
    What else we can do?
    p.s. Here is picture of the sore to expert who can help me with this.

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    That looks more like a rash rather than a pressure sore. The spots and bumps suggest something else. I would get to a doc or wound care center as soon as possible. If you have clear drainage, it is not likely infected yet, but since there are open areas, it is very vulnerable. Keep it clean and avoid getting feces on the area if possible. It may take a fungicidal powder or ointment to cure it if it is a rash. Continue to say off it until you get a doc's opinion.
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    The lower part looks like an abrasion, are you abrading the area somehow? The top part looks like a rash.
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    It looks like it could be a rash, especially the top part with the blisters. Keep the blisters clean and dry (try not to pop them) and stay off the area. You might want to try a Blister Bandaid, but given the redness, I would probably opt for clean, dry, covered if you must sit and get to see someone ASAP. Stay off of it as much as you can.

    Once the area clears up, you need to have some pressure mapping done and get a new cushion....

    Keep us posted on what is going on.


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    close call

    Thanks to all! After doctor prescribed Fucidin (2% Fucidic acid cream) and 4 x 500 mg Cloaxacillin Sodium antibiotic (for 10 days) , things start to looks better. I have still discharge from that spot. It is probably coming from underneath of rough skin on the edge of flaps.
    I think "rdf" was right and everything start with bruises caused from my transferring over my wheel rubber and I have "helped" with prolong sitting that this irritation got worse and start some tissue damage under the skin. Tail-bone pimples and redness could be rush only.
    Little struck of panic after I red about pressure sores push me to immediate action.
    Hopefully, discharge will stop soon. I can feel less burning down there and even my spasm's calmed down,
    I need new cushion and more "sitting position" work...

    As I am spending long hours behind my computer screen - can someone recommend place where I can find some pressure relief ideas as special furniture ...chairs, chaise...

    Miracles are not contrary to nature, but only contrary
    to what we know about nature
    Saint Augustine

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    The worst seems to be over but one thing is bothering me.

    Why is my sitting endurance nowdays so low??
    Could it be diet ...or something else?

    For last 7 years I was able to sit 3-4 times longer (6-8 hors) with no problems at all, and almost suddenly, since 2 months ago I start to have my problems. I can connect my problems to several factors (old cushion, bruises when transfering over the wheel of my wheelchair, heat and excercises with sitting on hard surface) but I've eliminated all above.

    Even with Roho and J2 jelly cushion tryouts seems to be very SHORT time now these days before I start to feel burning down there and within 2 hours my skin start to be red. I am moving immediatelly to the bed to remove pressure and after few hours and some moisture (cold wet aloa enriched wipes) looks better again. If I go slightly overboard, and stay just little bit longer, small bumps start to forms under the skin again.

    What to do???

    Miracles are not contrary to nature, but only contrary
    to what we know about nature
    Saint Augustine

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    Can you access a wheelchai seating clinic and maybe get pressure mapped to see if your current cushion(s) is failing you. I did this and now use a Ride design custom cushion that has helped tremendously.

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    It was YEAST (FUNGAL) INFECTION and SOLUTION that helps is Diflucan (fluconazole). Over the counter available. I took 7 pills but used different regime than they recommend. They say 1 pill will fix the problem but won't. They say take 1 pill per week but Regime that helps me was 1 pill every 3 days for first 3 pills and 4th pill 5 days after 3rd pill than 5th pill 7 days after, than 6th pill 10 days after and finally 7th pill 14 days after 6th pill.

    I had to come back here after more than 2 years since my troubles start to post this final word and to eventually help anyone with same problems who would bump on this post.

    From some reason my family doctor treat me 5 or 6 times with anti/bacterial creams and antibiotics and even took sample to the lab and still treat everything as bacterial infection of my skin making all things even worst. Readings on this forum and chat with sci-nurse helps me to start looking in different direction and I have figured out it is Yeast after using some anti-fungal cream also purchased over the counter in pharmacy.

    Question is how old and experience doctor didn't see this!!?

    However YEAST is nasty thing and it is really hard to totally get rid of it.

    Things cleared from my skin but something strange start to happen winter 2011 / 2012 about 4 months after Diflucan "miracle" saved my bum.
    I had 3 UTI's in a row and after I visit same clinic / doctor (I know I shouldn't but was kind of close & Convenient) and after my urine went to lab I had 3 round of antibiotics that calmed down my UTI but never fully cleared it. When I start to feel symptoms of UTI 4th time in span of 3 months something cross my mind and I took Diflucan - exactly as described above (7 pills ) and no symptoms after that at all (May 2012).

    Miracles are not contrary to nature, but only contrary
    to what we know about nature
    Saint Augustine

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    Taking a probiotic or acidophilus while taking antibiotics helps keep the yeast at bay. Diflucan is great medication but you are right yeast can reappear. if fungal rashes appear on the surface and don't resolve then yes diflucan may be in order - then you are treating the problem from the inside out. I have seen it show up in urine culture when patients have symptoms of a UTI. antibiotic treatment is the prime cause of it's appearance.


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