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Thread: Robbie is in ICU with an infection

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    Robbie is in ICU with an infection

    We've been here for 10 days and still no good answers. He has a pressure sore which could be the cause of infection but that has not been confirmed. Nothing showing up in blood or urine. Culture showed a strep infection from the skin area.

    He ran a high fever for a week, that is gone now but he has no appetite, a lot of sweats, very weak, head pain, etc....

    BP was dipping pretty lo but that is under control now.

    They did an xray and could not determine if infection was in the bone so now we are waiting on an MRI.

    Fun 4th of July for a 16 year old... UGH!

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    UGH!!! oh man, this is terrible news! i hope they find out the cause soon!! no way to sneak him out for some fireworks?
    "Smells like death in a bucket of chicken!"

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    I hope & pray for the best!

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    Sharon, I hope that it won't be long before you have some answers...and good ways to treat whatever is at the bottom of this. Blessings to you and Robbie.

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    just a thought.....celluitis ?

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    I didn't know about the sore. That would have changed all my answers via text. Keep in touch.


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    Quote Originally Posted by DIGGER View Post
    just a thought.....celluitis ?

    just googled that, sure sounds like what he has. hes had excessive sweating which is a syptom of Osteomyelitis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1 Fine Spine RN View Post
    I didn't know about the sore. That would have changed all my answers via text. Keep in touch.


    sorry Mary, thought I told you that. will keep you posted, thanks for your help

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    Sorry to hear about this, here's to some quick answers so treatment can start. The waiting game sucks....we know the name of that tune.

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    here is my question...Robbie was admitted to the PICU last week Monday (he spent Sat and Sunday in and out of ER).

    why are we just now getting the MRI? when I asked this question I was told they had to rule out everything else. hes had lots of xrays, an echo, lab work on blood and urine. but if this is in the bone we need to know ASAP. right?

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