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Thread: Survey: Expanded Stem Cell Research Backed by Strong Majority of Voters in 18 States

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    Survey: Expanded Stem Cell Research Backed by Strong Majority of Voters in 18 States

    Survey: Expanded Stem Cell Research Backed by Strong Majority of Voters in 18 States

    Independent Voter Support for Ending Bush Limits
    on Stem Cell Lines is Strong

    WASHINGTON, April 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Two out of three voters in 18 key
    states support overriding the Bush administration's limits on federal
    government funding for stem cell research, according to a new survey conducted
    by Peter D. Hart Research Associates on behalf of the Results for America
    (RFA) project of the Civil Society Institute. The survey also shows that a
    crucial bloc -- independent voters -- support funding for stem cells over and
    above the Bush restrictions by a wide 58-point margin (70 percent to 12
    The 18 states covered in the RFA survey are Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania,
    Maine, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Washington, Oregon, New
    Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri and West

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    Only 17% of the people polled support maintaining the current Bush administration August 2001 restrictions on human embryonic stem cell research by NIH.

    The poll concluded:

    The center of the electorate clearly embraces the importance of stem cell research. Clearly the potential of stem cell research to produce treatments for a wide range of diseases and conditions is a very powerful consideration for voters. Even subgroups originally resistant to the idea, such as Evangelicals and Republicans, support stem cell research after hearing a description of the process and potential of the research, despite the explicit recognition of the embryo destruction required [my italics]. The most convincing argument is that embryonic stem cell research is similar to organ donation in that neither organ donors nor frozen embryos will live and that there is a great medical need for both, with 69 percent finding this 'very' or 'fairly convincing.'
    This poll restores my faith in the American public. As Civil Society Institute President Pam Solo said:
    "Stem cell research is something that Americans want to see advanced in an ethical and expeditious manner, using fertilized eggs from fertility clinics destined to be discarded for research. Hundreds of millions of Americans are touched directly or indirectly by chronic illnesses and physical conditions that could be cured or treated more effectively as a result of embryonic stem cell research. The vast majority of Americans, regardless of religious affiliation or political party, understand the need for moving ahead with stem cell research.
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    Stem Cells - Become an Advocate!

    Ensure that the government supports stem cell research, as it holds enormous promise for curing disease. Fill out our form to become part of an active group of advocates for change.

    A campaign of the Civil Society Institute
    (They commissioned the poll)

    "Together we stand, divided we fall..."

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    Faye, the link that you provided does not lead anywhere. "Results-for-America" is a program of the Civil Society Institute ( located in Newton. It unfortunately has the same name as a Civil Society Institute located in Santa Clara University

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