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    I am the Mom of a just turned 18 yr old T12/L4 burst fracture SCI as of 2011.
    Looking to air travel potentially August this year and I have concerns about transporting her padded transfer commode chair.
    Cannot find a portable one online.
    She has a Malone A.C.E. for her bowel program and the uriniary diversion.
    Any ideas for sitting on a commode for 45 mi to an hour?
    This our first air travel since sci, trail run for air travel before a coast to coast later in the year.
    Any help greatly appreciated.

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    Check out this one. We issue these for travel all the time.


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    a better idea than a hugely expensive folding 'portable' chair (or other) is to buy one cheap online and have it delivered to your hotel and then abandon it when you leave - ive done this many many times. in january i bought a bath transfer bench from amazon for $46 (inc delivery) for the second time, for a trip to miami, and i intend doing it again when i go to chicago next month.

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    go to this link, scroll towards bottom, right above the map, there is one listed, the legs fold under, the backrest and arm rest come off, so will be flat to travel with...get cardboard, wrap it up/tape it up..your all set..check it with your luggage.. its only $84.. i have same and its lasted years..
    - Rolling Thru Life -

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    The nuprodx chair, although expensive, has made travel much easier for me (a T6 para). The problem with the cheap shower chairs is they have no seat padding, and also the nuprodx comes with a side extension that makes the transfer when set up in a tub easier and safer.

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    I recently travelled to the Cayman Islands (2 flights going, 4 flights return) and took a $150 Guardian Padded Drop Arm Commode. We just attached a luggage tag and checked it in baggage. No packaging, no problems and no baggage costs for medical equipment.

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    It's amazing not only can a terrible accident completely mess up your life but just to be able to travel you pretty much have to spend $1000 or more.

    SWEET LIFE!!!!!!!

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