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Thread: Mitrofanoff vs. super pubic cathater

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    Mitrofanoff vs. super pubic cathater

    Hello. My names katlin. I'm a C5-6 ASIA C incomplete. Im 2 years out from my injury and I'm 19 years old. I'm wondering about the mitrofanoff and super pubic cathater and what everyone thinks of the two. I would like to be more independent and this would help a ton. I've heard goods and bass for both. Any suggestions?

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    How are you currently managing your bladder?

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    Just straight cathing every 4 hours. But I'm not able to do it. So it's a pain

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Just straight cathing every 4 hours. But I'm not able to do it. So it's a pain
    I totally understand not being able to manage your own catheterization and even if your were the impact that a 4-6 hour schedule of catheterization imposes on your lifestyle.

    That said, my advise is on the conservative side, and I advocate baby steps before taking steps toward major urologic surgeries. In that you are having issues with intermittent catheterization, my suggestion would be to try indwelling urethral foley for a while and then go to a suprapubic catheter or just go from where you are now to a suprapubic catheter and see how that goes for a while. You can always have the major surgeries, but you may have many good years on a suprapubic and not have to endure highly invasive surgeries with long recovery times.

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    I would recommend the Mitrofanoff first. If you have an indwelling catheter inserted, your bladder is going to shrink, and if you then later decided you wanted to go back to intermittent cath with a Mitrofanoff, you might also have to have the much bigger surgery of an augmentation to get your capacity back. You can always go to an indwelling catheter later if you don't like the Mitrofanoff.


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    I have a suprapubic catheter. I've had it for the past 10 1/2 years. It's taken care of bladder spasms I used to get and is really easy for my family or friends to take care of. The one problem is that I've had it for so long my bladder has shrunk so my catheter plugged up which it does once a week at this point, I get dysreflexic with anything over 200 mL of urine in my bladder. If you can manage inserting a catheter into a hole around your belly button, I would definitely go with that surgery, but I guess it depends on how much function you have in your hands. Good luck on whatever you decide
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    being young and active, i wouldnt recommend a procedure that has you hooked up to a catheter, and as kld said, you can always go to a sp or a foley(tho foleys can cause damage to your urethra over time). i love my mitro, it requires very little maintenance and it's made my life so much better!
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    Thanks everyone. Is the mitrofanoff reversable? Is there any big risks wih getting that done?

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    While you are making your decision, I think there are some questions you need to ask yourself.
    1. Where is the opening for the mitrofanoff?
    2. What kind of clothing alterations and changes will you need to make to access the stoma?
    3. As a C5/6 quad, can you manage intermittent catheterization every 4-6 hours by yourself or will you need assistance?

    You might want to talk to a stoma nurse to understand the stoma placement and access issues.

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    Go for mitrofanoff. It's a rough surgery but worth it. Hopefully you won't need the augmentation to make your bladder larger. Insist on belly button placement!
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