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Thread: dr. young, what do you know..........

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    dr. young, what do you know..........

    about nogo antibody and research in europe from dr.martin shwab´s and novartis company?
    he show complete recovery in arms and hands in cervical injuries and more recoveries in monkeys and rats with no side effects.

    excuse my english.

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    isildur, I know nothing more about this than you do, from the postings on this site. I am glad to hear that Novartis is excited about these results and that they seem to be going forward. Wise.

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    dr. young. hi,i hope everything is going great. i have a question. would you please tell us what combination your lab is working on now and what are the results so far? thanks so much

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    We are currently working on combining either OEG or neural stem cells transplants with chondroitinase or L1, and planning to include GDNF, cAMP/Rolipram, and methylprednisolone. Wise.

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    thanks dr. young. i wish you the best and i hope you get good result rather fast, i have been waiting for cure for 25 years now.

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    Its wierd when stuff like this begins to sound like beautiful music!

    combining either OEG or neural stem cells transplants with chondroitinase or L1, and planning to include GDNF, cAMP/Rolipram, and methylprednisolone
    Good Work Dr.Young.

    We all know you're the BEST!

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    I Think a lot of discoveies about sci stay in labs for too long before it comes to human trial. I remember reading about NOGO in 1988 (16 years ago)and still there is no human trial yet.

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    Martin Schwab discovered in 1988 that some protein is a nerve growth inhibitor (he called it NI 236 - or some other number). At that time, the gene technology tools we have today weren't available and it took about four years to find an antibody, which he called IN-1.

    As far as I remember, both Strittmatter and Schwab, deciphered the large inhibitor protein genetically and published the results in 12-2000. Martin Schwab coined the term Nogo. Actually, Nogo-A is the major nerve growth inhibitor in the CNS amongst other MAG (myelin-associated glycoproteins). The antibody 11C7 developed by Novartis is based on the genetic information of Nogo-A and, is therefore specifically targeted against the human Nogo-A . So you cannot make a direct comparison between Nogo-A and IN-1.

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    Dr. Young,

    Are you working with acute injuries, chronic injuries, or both?

    "Sometimes, its enough to plant the seed, walk away, and let the flower grow on its own."

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    thanks for your respons, but still i think a lot of discoreries about sci stay in the labs for too long before they apply to human, although i am very glad that they are doing NOGO ON MONKEY now and the results seem to be very great . i hope they start human trial soon. please let me know when they start chronic human trial, thanks so much

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