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Thread: Off to Grand Cayman

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    Off to Grand Cayman

    Here's a weird question. I weigh about 175 lb and was thinking of hiring a really strong native to carry me into the water, help me swim, and in general help out. Is this a good idea?

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    I would ask the concierge at your hotel.

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    Grand Cayman is not a third world country where you are going to find "natives" to do hard physical labor for low wages. Most of the island residents are ex-pat Europeans and Americans. If you can find one person to help you, you are likely going to have to pay a lot. Seven Mile Beach is the most likely area where you can get easy access to the water, and most of the big hotels are there.

    Have you considered instead going with a company that specializes in disabled scuba or snorkeling trips? They do exist in Grand Caymen.

    Here are a couple:



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    Thanks all.
    KLD, I don't know why you assume I was thinking of a low wage native with a bone across his nose...I have been to GC before, it is a favorite spot. I have tried all arrangements, and I often end up thinking...If somebody could just carry me these few steps...I am not petite, but also not so fat that I cannot be carried a few steps by a strong man.
    Of course this person would not be flogged and he would be reimbursed appropriately...
    I do remember once in Bahamas, struggling to get to the beach and one Dutch guy saying what the hell...and carried me.

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