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    I know people who have gotten grants for the van if VR will do the conversion. It normally takes several grants put together like from Kiwanis, Knights of Columbus, Elks, Moose, local one of a kind charities and occasionally you'll need a fundraiser to top it off. Many churches and other groups with halls and kitchens will help you host a pancake breakfast or bars/restaurants will do a one night profits to you with a raffle and you do a lot of flyer postings so they get some nice advertising.
    And yea, try the Travis Roy Foundation. I met his Dad years back down in DC. He gets the parenting angle.
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    What is wrong with your van?
    In my experience, if Bvr does repairs they won't do anything else but there's alwaysthe appeal process!
    ETA: ( u know every state is different)

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