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Thread: Are ball bearings standardized?

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    Are ball bearings standardized?

    My front wheel bearings are starting to make a knocking noise, Im pretty sure theyre about to fall off.

    Can I just buy any new bearings, like the kind they use on skateboards and inline skates? Which kind should I buy?

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    You referring to the caster fork bearing, or wheel?
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    If you post what chair, front wheels you have, someone on here will be able to tell you what size bearings to buy and where to get them.

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    But I'm guessing it's just loose if it's making a knocking noise.

    And I guess to answer your question, yes you can buy new bearing. Sportaid, Spinlife... They're both good
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    What they ^ said, and this thread should be interesting to you.

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    I'm referring to the wheel bearings. It's a KI Mobility Catalyst 5 chair. I have no idea what brand the front wheels are, whatever comes standard with the chair.

    Should I get a certain type of bearing? I was reading up on the ABEC standard, but I don't know what is best for front wheels on a wheelchair?

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    Here's another thread about bearings.
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    Thanks for the links, I'm learning a lot!

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