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Thread: Frog leg fell off!

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    Frog leg fell off!

    Had my Freewheel on my chair to wheel around a gravel road on a farm. Half way down the road a guy comes running after me waving my right Frogleg in the air. Didn't even know it had come off. It had made clicking noises for a couple of days whenever the wheel swiveled all the way around, but I had no idea it was broken or loose.

    My husband says the shock no longer works and it looks as though the screw going into the wc frame literally unscrewed. This set of forks is a little over a year old and installed by a vendor. Is this something that happens often? Luckily I had a spare pair of casters at home but getting in and out of the car, then into the house, was a bit hairy. I'm glad I had the Freewheel on, but then I suppose the Frogleg wouldn't have been able to fall off it it wasn't on, would it? A bit scary.

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    poor frog

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