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(EFE 04.15.2004)

Cientists of several countries joined to Party Transnational Radical against the prohibition of the scientific researches with stem cells of embryonic origin like Costa Rica, leaning for the USA and other countries, it proposed in the last General Assembly of UN. Among those cientists they are Spanish Bernat Soria, director of the Institute of Bioengenharia of the Universidade Miguel Hernández, of Elche (Spain), the Argentinean José Bernando Cibelli, of the University of Michigan (USA) and the Swiss Alois Gratwohl, specialist in transplants with adult cells of the Hospital of Basiléia.
All of them participated today, Wednesday, of a seminar to which invited the commissaries of the Commission of Direitos Humanos of UN, gathered in Geneva, and that represents the first act of a world campaign that it looks for to mobilize citizens, cientists, patient and governments against to total prohibition of that type of researches. In news conference, Bernat Soria, Gratwohl and the europarlamentar for Party Italian Radical, Marco Cappato, secretary of the Associação Luca Coscioni for the Freedom of the Scientific Research, they defended the use of the human cells of embryonic origin exclusively for ends therapeutic.

The Associação Luca Coscioni, that takes a teacher's of Economy of the University of Urbino name (Italy) that suffers of sclerosis lateral amiotrófica, and of the which the winner of the prize literature Nobel José Saramago is honorary president, received the support of about fifty prizes Nobel in different disciplines, in your American majority. The present cientists in Geneva to defend that cause if they totally showed opposed to the use of embryonic cells for reproductive ends, in other words, the human beings clonagem and they said to be supporting of establishing an egg white it spies between that use and the therapeutic, the only that defend.

The Swiss Gratwohl defended the creation of a similar international agency to the International Agency of Atomic Energy that would inspect and it would control the laboratories dedicated to the human clonagem to avoid your use with reproductive ends.

According to Soria, the first cientist that developed stem cells in mice to treat the diabetes, there is now in the people's world two hundred million with that disease, that you/they can arrive at three hundred million in twenty years, and that one day they can benefit with those researches.

We don't " have enough cells for all of them, the Spanish cientist, second said which the therapeutic use of the human cells of embryonic origin will open several doors and will also allow to treat, one day, cardiovascular diseases, sclerosis, distrofia and the evil of Parkinson or of Alzheimer, besides correcting problems imunologics or of rejection.

The Italian europarlamentar Cappato agreed with the present cientists in Geneva with that a total prohibition for UN of the experiments with cells coming from embryos will only be to increase the secret research.

The best will be to arrive to an international consent and to establish clear rules to impede the clonagem with reproductive ends, to the one which according to Bernat Soria, more than the international scientific community's 95 percent is opposed.

The summons done today in Geneva expresses the citizens' hope, political and men of the science and of the culture of everyone in the freedom of the scientific research and it detaches that in consequence of the progresses in the research with human embryos there are hopes that one day can get well diseases that today afflict millions of people all over the world.

Seeking protection in several goods of the International Pact on Rights Economical, Social and Cultural on the freedom of the science and the right of each one to enjoy the best level of physical and mental health, they ask the general secretary of UN and the States members to reject any proposal that proÃ*ba the scientific research of the cells of human embryos. " With that prohibition, dozens of millions of individuals that you/they have degenerative diseases they will be condemned a life without hope ", they affirm the cientists.

Source: http://www.movitae.bio.br/news0404_15.htm
"The Movement on behalf of the Life"

The word MOVITAE comes from the coalition of two words of Latin (movi = movimento (movement) + vitae = vida (Life)), the rest you already know, MOVITAE grew, made a partnership with the Association Luca Coscioni, an Italian association, with thirst in Rome, that struggles for the freedom of the scientific research.

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