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    Hi All,

    I am going to see my GP on Wednesday regarding shoulder problems but I am also going to be referred back to my Physiatrist. It has been suggested by PT/OT to maybe look into getting Botox in my toes because there is a lot of tone in them and I have virtually no control over my toes as far as keeping them apart. My Physiatrist has looked at my toes once before, but never suggested Botox and stupid me... I don't even think I asked as he had them put a "lift" in my AFO (it's a little pad for my big toe that is supposed to help with my toes) and I wanted to see if that would work but, I don't wear my AFOS all the time and it does help a little bit.

    Thoughts on Botox?


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    Botox is often used for smaller muscles like these, but I would want to be sure that you have looked at other methods of managing spasticity (oral meds, standing, stretching, etc.) first.


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    If SCI-nurses suggestions fail, Have him do a temporary nerve block with lidocaine to see if you will respond to botox before preceding.

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