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Thread: Please take caution

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    Please take caution

    I hope no offense is taken to what Im about to say. As my intentions are well meant for all.
    In many public forums this past year or so I have encountered many post by people from malaysia & singapore looking "for help" they use the same formula trying to gain the sympathetic ear of who they consider "wealthier" nation citizens to break down & send them a few dollars here & there.
    Im not saying this happens here, but please before you send these people financial assistance or jump through hoops pulling strings from resources you may have in that part of the world to help them, take that into consideration & do a little homework on them.
    They always seek the suicide threads & claim their familles hate or abuse them & then mirror the forum community accordingly with the help of google as to the ailment.
    Many times they are actually natives of cameroon or nigeria living in other countries like malaysia.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Colin83 View Post
    Are you on drugs ? Nothing you just said made any sense.
    I suppose you are right, I guess I should have explained while looking around the site I came across a thread started by a member who's approach was very similar to scam I speak of.
    Many members were giving them wonderful support & encouragement. I don't know if that member is scamming or not, so I didn't want to insult them or those being nice to them by questioning their motives in their thread.
    Obviously, choosing to start a new thread was the wrong way to go.
    My apologies for creating confusion.
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    Thankyou Vertigo. I know your intentions were honorable. Welcome to CC> You are real right? Have you joined the vet members forum yet?

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    Made perfect sense to me.
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    Man, I guess I must be some kinda rocket scientist then, cause I sure got the gist of what they were saying pretty easy.
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    Awe at my magnificent coq!

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