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    Cool Help me!

    I am 2 yrs post injury and have had many successes. However: 1. I keep getting sick and am having a horrible time finding doctors that can deal with me as a SCI patient. Help! 2. I live alone and have no one to help me with transportation. I can drive short distances but once at my destination, I cannot get out of my car as I am not able to get my manual chair out. Most of the doctors offices and/or testing places the doctors want me to go don't want to assist stating liability issues. Any suggestions?
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    What is your level of injury? How complete? Where do you live?

    How do you get into the car and load your chair at home?

    Can you access public transportation? Paratransit? Take a cab?

    What type of health problems are you having? Do you have a PCP? Where did you go to rehab, and did then not line you up with appropriate provider care upon discharge?


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