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Hi Everyone, Does anyone know of or go to a "Caring Pain Management Doctor who will actually listen to the patient when they express to the Doctor that the Medications that you have been using for several months, have somehow stopped taking the pain away, or even stopped "calming the pain down" so your life could be somewhat "normal"? My Doctor that I am seeing every month is very conservative when it comes to prescribing Narcotic Medications, (which is a plus for me, but it is also a "Catch 22") My Family doctor recommended and referred me to him. Does anyone think that a "second opinion" would be "out of line". I hesitate to do this because I am so grateful for being able to go to a "legitimate" Pain Management Doctor, but playing the "Devil's Advocate" I believe that every patient has the right to a "second opinion" and also being involved to the fullest extent when it concerns their Health. Anyway, I live in Cape Canaveral Florida and I discovered by belonging to this awesome website that there are members who will help you in anyway they can, so I am asking for your help, knowledge and opinions and the main help I need is your experience with a "Pain Management Doctor" who you believe to be the best in Central Florida, Brevard County areas around or near Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach, Merritt Island etc. Then I will be on my way to a "second opinion" which we all should take advantage of. I have Insurance if this is an issue. Thanks so much and I hope to hear from you soon Fran Have a Safe and PAIN FREE 4th of July Holiday and pray for a PAIN FREE life for all of us in the very near future. It is going to happen!!!!
You would be better off starting a new thread to ask this question