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Thread: Good plan or bad plan?

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    Good plan or bad plan?

    I have managed to save up $100,000.00 with good success at my sales job. I am thinking of putting this money aside for 5years, then trying some cure that is available at that time. I would like to spend the money on trips and good times for my family but really want to feel my you know what again. Should I spend the money or not? My family deserves both. We do live a good life...

    People in wheelchairs can really sell... PITTY PITTY.

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    As the wife of a man with an SCI there is nothing he could buy me, nowhere he could take me, nothing he could do for me, that could anywhere NEAR compare to seeing him being cured. I would give my life, literally, to give him his pre-SCI self back. To see him leave all the pain, illness and struggles of SCI life behind would make me happier than anything money could buy.

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    half on family, other half for future therapies.

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    Why not do both? Take the family to China, get OEG treatment while you're there.

    Learn from the mistakes of others, you won't live long enough to make all of them yourself.

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    Congrats, that's no small accomplishment. Take 10,000 to Vegas and roll the dice. Sit on the rest for upcoming therapy.

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    hello tman, i wish i was your family i would take some money and have a surgery done to walk. i have dedicated my entire life to walking and i am struggling to raise money to have a procedure done to walk again. i lost all family and friends, so it must be nice to have family and money. but good luck with whatever you choose to do.

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    Why not use SOME of it to "help yourself" and fund agressive & promising SCI work like Will Ambler's project or Dr. McDonald's work?

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    Why not use half in a safe lower interest bearing venture and half in one that is more of a gamble..but more of a return.

    Then use the gambled money returns..half for
    re-investment and half for family concerns.

    You will always have the safe half and it's returns available when your best treatment options arrives. With enough hopefully to cover future price raises.

    Maybe ChrisD could help you.


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    Good advice.. One of the problems I have is I will have no time for thearpy.. I work 60 hours a week to make good money. I need to buy the whole thing..If i can

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