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Thread: opinions on merits power chairs or invacare pronto

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    opinions on merits power chairs or invacare pronto

    I am thinking about getting a new power chair. I currently have a Merits power chair and I have really liked it. The controller is giving me serious issues, though. It cycles on and off randomly and beeps randomly as well. I think it has just about crapped the bed. So, I would like to get another Merits chair, but there is only one dealer within 100 miles of me. And, they don't accept my insurance. So, I'm considering other options. The Invacare Pronto looks like a nice model. I haven't seen one in person but am looking at them online. I have several concerns. It says the front casters are only 6", compared to 9" casters on my current Merits chair. I use the chair a lot in the yard and am worried that one with smaller front casters won't go as well. What do you think about this? Also, it says that the total height is 33-35"? That seems very short to me. My current chair is about 46". I am 6'3 and don't want to look giant in a tiny chair. Does anyone have a Pronto that is taller that this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    The Pronto is basically a scooter made to look like a power chair, it has the "Barbi" rechargeable batteries and motors from the kids toy. Although i do believe there are upgraded models of the base Pronto by the time you get to a pronto with anything decent as far as clearance tires and such you would be better of just getting a "Storm" or "TDX" base chair all of the prontos are entry level chairs pretty much.

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