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Thread: RadioFrequency Rhizotomy anybody?

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    RadioFrequency Rhizotomy anybody?

    my doctor wants to do this. has anybody had it done? should i yes or no!
    Street Dreamz c.c. maryland

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    Cripple4life - can you have the Pain Specialist tune it into AM talk radio like Sean Hannity or Rush? I am just joking about your serious problem, forgive me. I think that if you have facet pain above or below your fusion and that you have already proven that facet injections with lidocaine and steroid help , then radiofrequency rhizotomy is a longer lasting alternative and lasting about a year or so. Much longer than the injections.

    I hope that helps. Are you talking about facet joints and have you had successful injections of these facets with relief?

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    my pain doctor looked at my ct scan and told me i have severe arthritis in my lower back and is the cause of my pain. i never had any facet injections. the only thing so far that help is perks.
    Street Dreamz c.c. maryland

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    Before Rhizotomy, I think he should offer a facet injection to assure you are going after the pain generator....

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    after seeing my a/d card they didn't do it but they did give me a shot of a muslce relaxer on both sides. now i'm stuck in bed and it hurts to move anything the only thing that doesn't hurt is to blink
    Street Dreamz c.c. maryland

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    Well to tell you the truth if you had the FA you would be in more pain for the first couple of months then you where in before because its intentional damage of the nerve by radiation and then the nerve starts to slowly heal and once it does heal is when you have it burned again but it does cause some severe pain post op to many people.

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    So Fulltree, you are saying to stay away from rhizotomy always?

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    No not stay away just know what your buying before you buy it, get second and even third opinions on whether its the treatment of choice for your situatuation, things like that.

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    My husband had radiofrequency rhizotomy of the trigeminal nerve for trigeminal neuralgia pain. It did not work!

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