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Thread: visit from claims adjuster

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    Don't worry about the cost of a lawyer.
    The cost to you will be a helluva lot higher if you don't have one with you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigtop1 View Post
    The insurance we are referring to is that which presently is paying all the bills for items needed related to the accident. Wheelchairs, dressings, cath's, etc.. His auto insurance paying me for what is related to the accident. I hope that is clearer. It didn't seem to matter with those who have already responded though.
    Sounds like you mean you were injured in an auto accident and being paid under someone elses liability insurance. I hope you have a lawyer and do not speak to anyone without going through said lawyer. After four years, you might be approaching the limit of his policy.

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    Absolutely do not meet with anyone without your lawyer present. Been there, done that.

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