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Thread: Some pics & info on how I ride the motorcyle

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    Some pics & info on how I ride the motorcyle

    Hello Friends,
    WTF and I were conversing on private message and in another thread about how to ride as a passenger on a motorcycle when you are paralyzed. She asked if I could start a thread about how it works for me and my husband. I have attached a few photo's of our set up and some info on how it works for us. Here is a list of modifications as to what we did to make it work for me.

    • We have a trailer to pull behind the bike with my chair and any other gear that we are taking such as camping or clothing during long travels. It also has an ice chest rack on the front of the trailer so we can have food and drinks during camping trips.
    • My husband made little thin plates 2 inches wide and screwed them in to the side of the floor boards to ensure that my feet don't slip off. They never have for this type of floor board on this bike but we wanted a little extra protection for "just in case" measures.
    • We have a Roho motorcycle cushion strapped on the passenger seat to help keep my butt healthy. There are handles on the sides of the seat that I do plenty of pressure releases on.
    • We have a a "ride off stand" to put the bike on which keeps the bike in the upright position rather than the normal leaning position on a traditional side kick stand. The goldwing has REVERSE so he just backs the bike up on to the ride off stand when we stop to get off the bike. I LOVE THIS OPTION. I hated how I felt when it would sit on the traditional stand while he was unpacking my chair to get me off. THE RIDE OFF STAND ROCKS!

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    Oh yeah great set-up, you look really stable in your seat. Oh I see, the stand keeps the bike upright instead of leaning. The bike looks great and looks like it would be so much fun to ride. And you look kick ass too. Thanks for putting up the pics.

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    Very cool!

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    I'm impressed. Thanks for sharing this.

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    Cool! You look very stable. There is more to the bike than I imagined, and I was wondering about the leaning thing too.

    Looks like fun.
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    For any guys and girls that want to ride their own bike, I set up a Harley with a side car. I put the wheel chair in the side car.

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    very cool

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    Nice! You look very comfortable and stable.
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    Wow what a cool lady

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    Quote Originally Posted by hcamara View Post
    For any guys and girls that want to ride their own bike, I set up a Harley with a side car. I put the wheel chair in the side car.

    That's awesome! We bought our bike from an older gentleman who had a side car put on it for his wife and dog. We removed it and sold it because I didn't feel comfortable riding in it. Are you able to hold your body on the bike really well? I'm T-10 complete and ride our 4wheeler alone but i don't feel confident going very fast since I can't grip the seat with my legs. The motorcycle feels like a normal seat that I'm sitting in rather than ON. That's so great that you ride on your own.
    DFW TEXAS- T-10 since March 20th, 1994

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