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Thread: Horizant (gabapentin)

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    Horizant (gabapentin)

    New doc gave me some despite my indicating how poorly I tolerated it in my prior experience, he said this new formula may be less problematic.

    Reluctant to even try 1 dose of the last turned me into a zombie and not only do I not like it I don't have 3 days to recover my mind from an expirament.

    Anyone try it who didn't tolerate gabapentin in its original version? Was it any better?


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    Never heard of it Bill. I take 3200mg a day of the original. I don't know if I'm at the max yet or not. We will be discussing a raise in something next visit. I still have to check the internet and see if I can find out if I can go higher with the morphine er. I need to check this stuff out before my next pain clinic appt.

    Let us know how it goes if you do try it. I understand not wanting to experiment....the NP made me try Opana er a couple of weeks ago and I had the weekend from hell!

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