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Thread: schwann cell transplant

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    schwann cell transplant

    i live in New Jersey, and have a t-11 complete spinal cord injury caused by a gunshot, and would like to know where i would go to get a schwann cell transplant??

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    Brian, I am moving your message over to the Cure forum. You will get more responses there.

    To my knowledge, no one is doing Schwann cell transplants in humans yet.


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    The only clinician that I know was doing Schwann cell transplants was Tim Vollmer at Yale University. He had transplanted Schwann cells to 2-3 patients with multiple sclerosis last year. He recently moved to Arizona (Barrows Neurological Institute). I am assuming that he is continuing the Schwann cell transplant trial there. Although he has not done anybody with spinal cord injury, I have heard that Tim is interested in spinal cord injury. I don't know whether Yale has found somebody to replace him and whether the trial is continuing at Yale. Note that this was being funded, I believe, by the Myelin Project. My guess is that the Miami Project may the next center to try Schwann cell transplants. Mary Bunge is probably the world's expert on culturing of Schwann cells and she recently had very encouraging data with Schwann cells combined with cAMP and Rolipram.


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    Dr. Kao is still doing schwann cell transplants in Equador, but his success rate is highly variable.


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    What Dr. Carl Kao is transplanting to the spinal cord are peripheral nerves. Peripheral nerves of course contain Schwann cells. Wise.

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