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Thread: Question to Dr. Young re: Sygen and 4AP combination

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    Question to Dr. Young re: Sygen and 4AP combination

    Greetigs all. I am presently in Brasil. Having met with Dr. T. Barros in June, and discussing his upcoming chronic trial for autologous stem cells, Barros suggested I might now try a combination of Sygen followed by 4AP: one month of daily Sygen injections, 100 mg per, then a three month treatment of 4AP. Barros suggested I may find increased sensation, even function, in my bladder and bowel.

    Would I like to try it? he asked. Heck, are bears Catholic, does the Pope...?

    Three weeks into the expensive treatment ($50/ampule) I am noticing increased ´strength´ in my legs when I stand, increased groin sensation and awareness of full bladder, and increased spasticity and deep tissue awareness. All good... I think.

    Wise, I would like to get your impressions of this prescription, one I´ve never heard suggested before in the states or on the site, and what I might look forward to, pros and cons, along with any warnings, suggestions, et al.

    Thank you,


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    Sounds good V, keep us posted re your recovery.

    Was this combo. offered to you in preparation for the chronic trial? Has Dr. Barros made this available to others to your knowledge? Is this sort of a shot in the dark idea or has she had success with it in animal studies?


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    where do you inject the sygen, and were you able to stand before the treatment started. what is your injury level. it was my understanding that sygen needed to be used within 3 days post injury. how far post injury are you? please inform, thank you

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    vgrafen, I have spoke to Tarcisio about this approach before. I don't think that it is a harmful combination and it would be interesting to find out what it does. Please do keep us updated. Wise.

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    Hi V, Good to hear from you and hope all goes great.

    Stumbled across this if your still there,

    The II International Congress on Neuroregeneration will feature: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil . September 20-24, 2004 . Convention Center . Hotel Glória

    "All you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given you."
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    Hi V, I am glad to hear this news...especially the part about bears being Catholic. Keep in touch....M

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