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Thread: Martin Schwab live chat (in german) on July 7, 2004 5:30-7:00 pm (Germany time)

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    Martin Schwab live chat (in german) on July 7, 2004 5:30-7:00 pm (Germany time)

    In the chatroom, dyonisos pointed out that Martin Schwab will be engaging in a live internet chat with members of a German spinal cord injury web site:

    The chat will be German and people will need to register at the site. It is by the way quite an impressive web site with many medical experts who participate on the site and started by a person with spinal cord injury

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    Thanks for the heads up!

    "So I have stayed as I am, without regret, seperated from the normal human condition." Guy Sajer

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    for all ,who are able to speak german;
    in 4 tagen spricht der meister persönlich!

    be dazed and confused

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    Oh! don?t tell me that Dr. Schwab can?t speak english??

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    sure,but i think it will be IMPOLITELY
    to bomb this chat with questions in a
    strange language and only a few people
    can understand it.?
    no one here open a topic in spanish,dutch,german,russ......
    maybe we can hold him in this forum?

    be dazed and confused

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    Few people?, strange language english?. Well perhaps youre right dyonisos, it may be convinient open a new topic to collect all our questions so if you could pass them over ,I figure that many will be quite similar so they could be screened in order to cover all and reduce the number of them.

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    Good idea Kim. Dyonisis, could you translate our questions into German and present them to Dr. Schwab during the chat?

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    if you don't speak English it would seem a very strange language - Chinese seems very strange to me but a lot of people speak it

    we (English speakers) have a lot more words than any other language (I think that's right)

    So a lot of words mean (nearly) the same thing - that would be confusing - and a lot of words have several meanings:

    eg funny - I said to a friend once with very limited English that she was funny - she thought I meant she was strange: she didn't know it also meant humorous!

    (talking rubbish again)

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    kim,i meam:STRANGE for the most people in this chat!
    but,in germany,opposite to bush´s america,you have
    liberty of opinion so everyone feel free and
    visit this chat.
    seneca,this site have several thousand members,a lot of them join this meeting and
    place one ask......thats a big question-jam only.and sorry,but im only a c6/7 quad,not a
    sport car .i use the "one-finger-write-system".
    as kim sad,the most questions are the same,and
    the web-master write a "chat-report"in a few
    ......but everyone feel free....


    be dazed and confused

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    hallo @ all,
    i joined this chat, but not for long. most important: no side efects in nogo-antibody found yet and some details about starting clinical trials. and many many boooooooring questions, many kiddies.... i come up with more, wehn the summary on is published

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