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Thread: Teal Sherer, funny paraplegic actress in "My Gimpy Life"

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    Welcome Teal. And best wishes for the show to do well!

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    The previews looked good. Kind of reminded me of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

    Good luck with the show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teal View Post
    Hi! - Just wanted to say I never got your email. I'm usually really good at responding to emails, in particularly if regarding the Natural Fits as they are one of my favorite things in the world. They've made a huge difference pushing my wheelchair. Do you still have any questions????? Or did you already get a pair? And thanks for all of your support regarding MY GIMPY LIFE :-) So excited to share it with you all.
    Teal, great to hear from you. Hey, a celebrity on the site. I really do like the show, it's funny as hell though there are some cringe moments which I guess is the point. I've had some of the same experiences.

    Sorry you didn't get my email a couple years ago. I did go ahead and buy a pair of NaturalFits. Unfortunately, having to grip that wide gave me terrible pain in my forearms. Because I really wanted to use them, I bought another pair, the LTs. They didn't work for me either - same pain. I was disappointed I couldn't go with NaturalFit rims because I thought they were a great idea and I thought they looked good. The standard pushring seems to be what my hands/arms were made for.

    It's tough hearing about how great they work for others but nothing works for everyone so c'est la vie. I gave the LT's to some one and I still have the regulars.

    Thanks for saying hi and solving my mystery. I didn't know how busy you were but I did want to hear from a chair user about the NFs. The folks at the company were very nice but I wanted to hear from a user. Turns out it wouldn't have made a difference because I wouldn't have known they didn't fit me until I tried them. Just wish I hadn't left home that day for a dentist appointment with my NFs for the first time. Oh that was a long day!

    Good luck with the show :-)

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    Welcome Teal and congratulations on getting married, I hope it all went well!

    Looking forward to seeing the show, looks great.
    T11 Asia A after near-fatal bike crash.. Just happy to still be here

    No, I didn't loose my mind... It got scared and ran away!!

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