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Thread: List of Websites for People with Disabilities

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    Lightbulb List of Websites for People with Disabilities

    I just found
    which appears to be a categorized listing of websites for people with disabilities.
    It seems to be especially good about listing sites for accessible travel.
    It seems to have both U.S.A. and UK locations.
    I cannot determine how accurate the pageview ranking is
    or whether the listed sites are any good.

    Maybe this would be useful to some of us?


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    I see several interesting sites. Thanks for posting this address.

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    I would like to invite you all to check out the blog my husband (a c5/6 quad) and I write about our life:

    We love to connect with others that have SCI.
    Check out the blog my husband and I write about life, love, faith, marriage and disability:

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