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Thread: Tilite backrest locks when folded: visual?

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    Tilite backrest locks when folded: visual?

    Hey there!

    Would someone be so kind as to post pictures of what the brackets and locking mechanism of the Tilite ZR/ZRA backrest that locks when the back is folded looks like?


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    It is difficult to tell if one is installed on the chair without trying to unfold the backrest. Is there something specific you want to know about it?

    This chair had it...

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    I just want to see what the mechanism looks like, mostly.

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    Not too much to see...

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    That's the new ZR 2 ZRA 2 backrest hinge assembly, right?

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    Yep. The version that replaced the original Series 2 hinge assembly a few months after the ZR/ZRA2 went into production.

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