So, today I was out with a friend in her car instead of my van. We ran a few errands and then went out for lunch. Had just come out of the restaurant and I am sitting on the sidewalk waiting for her to unlock the doors when a woman went by and looked at my friend and declared her a beautiful person, ostensibly for hanging out with little crippled me. I resisted the urge to say anything until she could no longer hear anything I said, but I turned to my friend and said "what, I don't get any credit for hanging out with you?" We laughed about how this woman's comments, which I am sure she thought were lovely, was basically dismissing the fact that I could have anything to bring to a relationship to equalize out my disability. It was not a big deal, and I am not going to lose any sleep over it, but it was still a little shocking that in this day and age there are still people out there that assume if an AB is with a disabled person that it must be one remarkably unequal relationship, and that they AB should be practically sainted for taking me somewhere. My friend and I laughed a lot, and as she was leaving to go home this afternoon I couldn't resist saying "you are a beautiful person" as she left.