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Thread: Neurontin and nerve regeneration - Dr. Young?

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    Neurontin and nerve regeneration - Dr. Young?

    Just another example of God's sick sense of humor. First I started getting feeling back in my bottom and ended up with roids from hell that were removed. Now I started feeling pain and pressure high up in my colon. Went back to my doctor who said my coccyx was pressing against my colon wall causing pain. As a first step he wants to put me on Neurontin. Didn't I read somewhere that Neurontin can stop nerve regeneration?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Debbie, to my knowledge, there is no evidence that neurontin stops regeneration. Wise.

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    Dr. Young, is it true that the inhibiting effect that neurontin has on the CNS can prevent recovery from manifesting?

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    I hope this is not true cause I have a great deal of pain which neurontin helps with but if stopping the neurontin will help me recover then I will find something else to take.

    Dr. Young can you please let us know.

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    Where did this idea come from? I repeat, there is no evidence that neurontin inhibits regeneration. Wise.

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    what Neurontin does is buy physiatrists and pharm salelpeople weekend retreats playing golf in Hilton Head. Believe me when i tell you this, tha is ALL it does. SCI is a dream come true for the makers and sellers of Neurontin, patients are soo desperate for neurogenic pain relief, that they will take anything if the Dr. says that's what their other patients takes. Neurontin is harmless and useless regarding anything to do with CNS nerve regeneration or pain derregulation. FOUR!

    sherman brayton

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    sherman, I disagree. Based on responses of people on this site and what I have read in the literature, I think that gabapentin (neurontin) does help many people with neuropathic pain. Unless you know, you should not be saying what you are saying because it is depriving people of a potentially effective medication for their pain. It is not harmless and it is not useless. Wise.

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    Neurontin made my pain worse!

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    Dr. Young, some people have noticed an increase in sensation and motor control after reducing the dosage or stopping completely, same with baclofen. I don't think people believe that it stops or inhibits recovery but that it may cloak return because of the inhibitory effect it has on the CNS. It's a fairly potent sedative so isn't that to be expected?

    It was discussed here:

    anyone tried to quit NEURONTIN and fail or succedd?

    ceased neurontin and better strength?

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    I was taking 1200mg of Neurontin 3x's day. I thought at first it might have helped my pain a little but wasn't to sure. It eventually started to make my hands fall asleep easily so I discontinued the use. After I stopped taking it my pain didn't get any worse, my hands didn't fall asleep anymore and I actually had increased sensation in areas I hadn't had very good sensation in.

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