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    ACell / Matristem

    Has anyone heard or had any dealings with ACell's Matristem product? Their Matristem product has been able to grow people's missing finger tips back as well as used to grow tissue back after certain surgeries. They say it will work to heal pressure sores as well. I am currently seeing a Doc concerning a stage 4 pressure sore on my butt and he offered me this medicine. Yes I am being one of ACell's guiney pigs to see if it helps the healing process of pressure sores. Just curious to know if anyone has heard of this product? Anyone in the medical field out there heard of this product?

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    This is an FDA approved product. It has been tested so you would not be a guinea pig. It is expensive and checking if insurance will cover it would be wise. I have not reviewed the research yet but none of these products works on all people.
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    Thanks for the feedback SCI 55 YRS. They are allowing me to do this for free so that is good. I see you are from Cola, not far from you in Lugoff. Go Gamecocks!

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    Your wound physician must be on the cutting edge of new products. I am all for that. That being said I hope that you have had osteomyelitis (bone infection) ruled out with a stage 4 ulcer. How long has the wound been present? Every wound is different and has a history behind the cause and why it is not healing.


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