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Thread: I miss what I can't do

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    I miss kicking the soccer ball to my girls and passing the football around with my son. Now we play the Wii together..

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    I have pretty much gotten used to SCI and am happy, but when I see kids run, I remember when it felt good to have a body.

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    I miss going for walks with my little nephew and playing basket ball with him

    Kids they grow up so fast Time Flies

    I dont know what to say as this is one of those very heart felt threads a good one

    Sometimes I wish I could turn back the clocks and time

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    Definitely the beach, the water, the feet on the wet sand.
    And travel has gone from pleasure to ordeal.

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    Long walks on the beach, surfing...but I'm still very able to scuba dive!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Millard View Post
    Unlike Cryptic, I was 20 years old when I was injured. I went through the usual stuff, depression and etc. After 10 years post, I thought of how I used to be maybe several times a day. After 20 years post, I would think about it maybe once a month. Now at 45 years post, I never think about it and wonder why I ever wanted to go back. If I had not been injured, I would never met my wife and gotten married 41 years ago. Once I accepted everything, even being married, my life turned around and I have been happy ever since. I only hope many of you can find what I did!!! I don't really miss what I can't do, I just enjoy what I can do...

    Good luck.
    Close to my experience. Disabled since 11 years old. Now about 40 years post. Not a single regret at this point. So many more things to do in life then I will ever accomplish.

    I also hope people find what you makes you happy or at peace.
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    How about enjoying what you can do while you still can

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    I was at a carnival last night in the beer tent watching a very popular local band and I could not help looking at all the guys in tank tops sporting tatoos and built arms. (not like that I was with my girlfriend) I was missing the body I use to have. I told my girlfriend that and she said "I think you have a great body" I guess thats all that matters..

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    I miss running, cycling, step aerobics, dancing, etc..etc.. I was so healthy and active, exercising up to 6 days a week. I miss sleeping well without taking something for sleep. I miss cracking my back, lol, standing on my tiptoes, doing jumping jacks, i miss getting cheap massages by students at schools for massage therapy. I think about these things often but it doesnt help..only hurts.
    Here im preaching to the choir when i say you need to be thankful for all the things you can still do....nothing is forever, keep smiling.
    Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans. -- John Lennon

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    OK you all need some comic relief i was riding the local short bus ( Disabled Transit ) and some guy cut the bus off and the driver nearly creamed the guy,and everyone's chairs where strapped down good and secure so there was no problem but i could not resist myself and yelled up to the driver "I think i need to go to the hospital when you slammed on the brakes i felt something pop in my spine and i think i can walk again !!" none of the drivers of those buses have ever let me live that one down.

    So come on gang chins up !

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