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Thread: Does spontaneous recovery really happen?

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    On this thread, while in the spinal unit in Salisbury, I met someone in passing in the corridor who said he was previously there, and relied on a wheel chair. He said he was one of the lucky ones; as we were both on our way somewhere else I was not able to get much follow up on this conversation.
    As SCI nurse says, it all depends on exactly what the nature of the injury is - and of course how "complete" that damage.
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    Hello, I was reading posts about treadmill training, i have Tm 3 years now and was in a wheelchair parelized belly button down almost 2 years had therapy and got up with a walker walked short distances left therapy worked with a trainer in the gym at the rehab. we started treadmill training around 8months, me holding the sides him behind me started going slow 15 minutes 3times a week . now i walk still with a walker i walk very far still cant walk around walmart or fleamarkets. i even go up steps . huge improvements. iwear afo iam aL1 S1 with no ankel movements. Marge

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