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    My elderly aunt has had UTI's every month. She is in an assisted living center. I have copies of all her urine lab results but don't know how to read them. Can anyone help?

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    Does your aunt urinate on her own? or have an indwelling catheter?

    What are her symptoms?

    Did they also order a urine culture and sensitivities?


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    Have them give her D-Mannose by the brand NOW you get it in a health food store. I take it and have not had a UTI in years. I had a friend who's father was having the same problem, he has MS and it stopped the UTI's and he has not had any in months. It is a plant based sugar and our bodies will only absorb so much and the rest goes out of our bodies through our urine and when that happens the bacteria attaches to the D-Mannose and not the bladder walls. It works! It will NOT be covered by insurance (I think) so you may have to buy it for her. It is a 1000 times better then Cranactin and it is totally safe and will not affect or give diabetes.

    Stevie P

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    StevieP, how much d-mannose do you take and how often?

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    I take 1-500mg capsule three time a day, a total of 1500mg a day.
    I usually get mine at Vitamin Cottage in Denver

    Here is the link to the product

    On the site they say to take more. but what I take seems to work no problem and it saves me some money as well.

    Stevie P

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    D-mannose is thought to keep certain types of Escherichia coli (E. coli) bacteria from clinging to the bladder walls which can result in infection. Other bacteria can still cause urinary tract infections, because D-mannose is not effective on other bacteria. That said, E. coli causes between 80 and 85 percent of all urinary tract infections.

    All the best,

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    Thank you Stevie P. for this hint. When I read this thread I immediately went out and bought some. I think my current problems came when I had a bowel accident, so think it might be E. Coli. Several urologists online recommend it, so I thought it was worth a try. It does not kill bacteria like antibiotics which kill good and bad bacteria. It won't damage tendons like Levaquin, etc. so for me it's worth a try.

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