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Thread: Drs. know how to kick you in the nuts!!

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    Drs. know how to kick you in the nuts!!

    Today is my 4 yr. anniversary for my SCI, feeling great of all the gains I have gotten back during my recovery from being paralyzed from chest down to being able to walk unassisted. I went to try get my DOT (Department of Transportation) physical so that I can renew my CDL license and the dr. would not sign off on the physical From a simple exam he determined I was not strong enough to drive a commercial truck. Dr. told me he based his decision on what he read on the internet with people with SCIs and what they are capable of doing. That's not fair. Every injury is different. Really sucks.... how a dr can suck the life out of you, not having a clue of what you have accomplished in Physical therapy to get to the point am at. I've been working so hard these past 4 yrs and for someone to say "no I cannot"; he doesn't know me and know what I can or cannot do.

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    sounds like a quack. get a second opinion?
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    Sounds like a right dick, demand a second opinion from a different doctor.
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    You went to the wrong doctor. Sheeze -- he said no because of what he read on the internet? You need to see a rehab physician who specializes in SCI for the evaluation, or an occupational therapist who teaches driving. Don't give up. You will get that license back!

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    Cryticgimp...SuprSi..I am going to look for another dr.
    SoFla...I went to CareNow...your right I'm going to find one where I did my therapy, hopefully they will help me out.

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    If the doc did that without even doing some muscle testing he does not understand disability. If you seek another doc try to find a physiatrist.
    You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

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    SCIfor55...all he did was tap my knee and foot for reflex and he said, I have clonness on my feet, which I don't... he had his mind made up, no matter how much I pleaded my case.

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    He should have tested muscle strength, range of motion, coordination, balance. Did he?

    PS. A doc might elicit clonus and I would not be surpised if you have some.

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    Cripply....he did none of those test....but you are right, i have some clonus but it doesn't affect my driving. I get clonus when i am really fatigue from therapy.

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    Hate to say this but if you have any kind of problems then I'd sure hate to meet you driving any kind of big truck!

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