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Thread: Accept Donations?

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    Accept Donations?


    I still work part-time and I need another WC van, a friend of mine wants to set up a web page to accept PayPal donations for me to buy a good used van. Is this ethical or even legal?

    When i first got hurt, i did accept donations to buy a used van from my church, but not through a web site. Anyway thanks for your reply, pro or con.

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    Are you on Medicaid? SSI or SSDI? You must be very careful how money raised for you is managed, or it can count as income for you and make you ineligible for need-based benefits...even open you up to charges of welfare fraud.

    I would strongly recommend that you talk to someone in this organization before you do anything. They can advise you on how to protect any money raised from being considered as income:


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    Good advice, i wonder what happens to people who get sponsored to go to project walk. I don't see why a wheelchair would be any different than going to physical therapy.
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    PayPal does have restrictions on charitable donations, so be sure to look into their rules as well.

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    Have you looked at Caring Bridge? They are setup for stuff like that.

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    When my spouse was injured there was a huge benefit held for him while we were at an out of state rehab. We used those funds to buy our van.
    A special account at the bank was opened for that money and other donations that came in. We did not have to claim it on our taxes as income.
    He was not on medicaid at that time though.
    It would be good to make some calls to find out what the rules are.

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