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Thread: I can drive!

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    I can transfer alone but it takes me a while. I'm going to use a Sure GripTM push/rock hand control. I have no dexterity but I use my wrists

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    I'm starting to drive myself but I transfer to my powerchair before leaving the house and drive from it. I've not been real happy or comfortable with my tri-pin set up. Is what you use a tri-pin or something else, I looked at the Sure Grip web site but don't see anything that I haven't seen before.........thanks!

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    I would get good roadside assistance coverage, keep your car well maintained and hope you don't have to use it but just in case have a cell phone handy and a plan and you'll travel with little fear.

    My first five years driving post SCI were before wide cell phone usage so I traveled with a little apprehension all the time. You shouldn't have to. Driving is great!

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    I'm nervous but excited!! I'll have a tri pin on the steering wheel

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    You definitely want AAA or some similar coverage. What kind of seat belts do you use? A chest belt or harness might help you stay more stable when rounding a curve or stopping short.

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    I'll have a chest belt. I really don't like it but I need it

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    Congratulations on your new mode of freedom, Rachelle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ECUrach85 View Post
    I'm nervous but excited!! I'll have a tri pin on the steering wheel
    Like you, I have wrists but no finger dexterity. V-grips similar to the one below worked well for me. In fact I designed one of the early ones back in 1965 when I started driving.

    You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

    See my personal webpage @

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    Congratulations! I actually went for my road test today and passed with flying colors as well. I don't have a vehicle yet, but that's my next project, along with getting a job so I can pay for it. Cheers from one new driver to another!
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