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Thread: I can drive!

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    I can drive!

    Guess what!!??!? After only like 4 hrs of behind the wheel training, I took my road test and passed!! I'm officially a licenced driver

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    Good for you! Recently I hung up my keys for the last time because of SCI-aging-medical issues and appreciate more than ever the freedom driving brought into my life. Wishing you safe travels.
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    2011 Toyota sienna. I took my sweet colours wheels with spinners off and put on some magic wheels so I could make it up the ramp

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    Do you drive from the wheelchair or transfer into the van seat?

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    It takes me 5 minutes, but I transfer

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    damn, good thing i ain't going to raleigh for anything this weekend heh heh
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    Congratulations!! This is a MAJOR ability. Wishing you many happy miles of freedom.

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    This is huge! Congratulations!
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    Brucec. I was born and raised in va beach. That's where my accident took place too. I miss it there. I'll be driving there plenty!!

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