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Thread: I got my new wheelchair!!!

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    I got my new wheelchair!!!

    Hi Everyone,
    I’m VERY happy to say that I got my new wheelchair. At the seating clinic fitting I was disappointed when the therapist (not the DME as I would have thought) tried to convince me to get an electric wheelchair. I felt that when I rolled into the room (in a standard wheelchair) I did OK aside from the chair being too big for me. I said to her “I want to use it until I lose it”. Anyway, I stood my ground and she finally accepted it.
    (BTW:I have MS) I got the TiLite Aero X because several of the cars I am driven in are very small.
    My chair is a Root beer colored Aero X.
    16" Seat width
    16" Seat depth
    18" Front seat height
    17.5" Rear seat height
    80° front angle
    16" seat to footrest
    2° camber
    TiLite Shadow 24” rear wheels
    Treaded tires with solid inserts
    Natural Fit hand rims
    Matrix Vi 16x18 Cushion
    Aluminum anti-tips
    The only thing I didn’t really like was that I didn’t have much of a say in things. I chose the color but, that’s it. I wish they would have said “there are several choices for (whatever) and we would choose this one because (some reason) but, the choice is yours. For example: I would have picked black road tires instead of the white off-road tires. I just think he worried more about his commission than my opinion. All in all I really like the chair. I am home-bound and feel this will change my attitude and abilities in going out. I am also getting a bus pass for the local wheelchair accessible “door to door” bus. Actually, my mom just came into town and said that she noticed my attitude has gotten much better compared to when she saw me last (a year ago).

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    Quote Originally Posted by scottc74 View Post
    The only thing I didn’t really like was that I didn’t have much of a say in things. I chose the color but, that’s it. I wish they would have said “there are several choices for (whatever) and we would choose this one because (some reason) but, the choice is yours.
    As a seating therapist, it bothers me when I hear stories about other seating therapists taking that approach. You will be using the chair, not them, therefore your input needs to be paramount.

    I'm a firm believer that the order form should be used for structure. One option can affect many others and compromises may need to be made. If they are simply checking off items, those types of discussions are unlikely to occur.

    Anyway, congrats and good luck with your new chair.

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    Congrats on the new chair!

    Just out of curiosity what was the logic of a 16x16 chair and a 16x18 cushion?

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    Though you had little input into what you got, I hope you really enjoy it. From my limited experience, TiLite makes good chairs, and the AeroX has numerous adjustments you can tweak to make it fit you well. And you did choose a great color.

    I presume you can walk a bit because of the footrest style you have. Am I right?

    Personally I don't like having armrests. My DME ordered them, but I took them off (mounts and all).

    Why is your cushion 2" longer than your seat depth?

    What would you have liked in a chair that you didn't get?

    I'm full of questions tonight - sorry.

    I like your shirt; it's a good color, too.
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    It looks comfortable.
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    I'm really not sure why the 2" difference the seat and cushion. That was the DME thought.

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    The shirt is the fight MS shirt.

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    Enjoy! Nice color!

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    not sure if this is why you have the longer cushion vs seat depth, but my cushion is 18" and my frame is 17", because my thighs are REALLY long, and he was trying to keep the chair itself short as possible while keeping me seated well, as in my old chair I was sitting with my knees all flopped to the side as it didn't fit me. was just an inch but I'll take every one I can get I can't imagine going any shorter on frame length in the future, as I still sit a little crooked if I'm really fatigued.

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