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Thread: Caricature of Chad & our dog Stanley

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    Caricature of Chad & our dog Stanley

    We took a little vacation this weekend and went to Carowinds in Charlotte NC. We had a GREAT time. Chad, of course, could not ride any rides at all, but he dutifully rolled around following me and Medium Boy around as we rode roller coaster after roller coaster all day long. We had a caricature done of him and Stanley (his service dog) ... here it is! It was the artist's first wheelchair and first dog caricature - I think she did it really well!

    (ETA: ummmmm, could a mod turn this the proper way? I don't know why it is sideways.... thank you Curt!)
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    Love it! Absolutely charming.

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    That's really cute, it looks very professional like something you'd see in the Washington post or something.

    I just rotated it for you Zilla.
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    Love it! Thanks for sharing.

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    Cute! A good challenge for the artist too.

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    That is really well done.

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    Very nice! I miss my dog

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    That is so cute! I've always wanted to get mine done. My ex and I were going to get ours done on Fremont street, but we didn't which is good cuz then I'd have to dispose of it.

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    That's a cool pic Ami!
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    Cute! I have one of me and my dog from on my birthday last year. My roommate and I went to a carnival.
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