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Thread: Current Ways of Hiding Leg Bags

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    Quote Originally Posted by sjean423 View Post
    Mona, I don't think 2000ml would hide ...... the bag I use is 500.

    Keps, Because I use the same bag and tubing I would on my calf, I loop the extra tubing on my thigh. I just unhitch the bag and hold it over the toilet. I also have an extra piece of tubing I can slip over the outlet, and use as an extention ..... it depends on how easily I can unhitch the bag w/ what I am wearing, whether it is worth carrying around the extention piece. It actually works better than putting my leg up with it on the calf .... don't have to worry about losing a shoe!

    As far as clamping the cath, and skipping the bag, it didn;t work for me. As soon as there is anything in my bladder, anytime I move, (either to pressure relief, or to transfer) the catheter must irritate my bladder and make it spasm, and I leak around the catheter.
    Thanks I figured it was a crazy question. lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scorpion View Post
    A good friend of mine who's a high-quad uses a bedside bag that's hissen inside a black zippered pouch that hangs on his chair behind his legs. He has a small hole in his jeans where the drainage tube exits, and you could put a black electrical cord cover on the tube to hide it more (so if anyone does notice it, they won't see pee going through a clear tube). He does it this way so that he can go most of the day without having someone around to empty it for him (he likes to have time alone).
    When we don't put a leg bag on, we put the bed bag on the side of his chair with a black cover on it, which blends into his black chair, and I wrap tan coban around the tube itself to disguise the tube and hide its contents. The hose just then goes from the top of his pants over the waistband to the side of his chair and down to the bag. Its not as hidden as a leg bag, but its a helluva lot less hassle if we are in a hurry and/or we are trying to battle a UTI and lessen the number of possible contaminations from attaching and unattaching bags.
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    Are you a high level quad? Either way, I want you to know I have the same issue as you with difficulty straight cathing now.

    I've found that if I sit on the toilet, seat down and lid up, I can cath without much problem. Have you tried something liek that?
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    Yes, I've been a C2/3 vent dependent quad since early 1985. I don't have control of anything below my neck, so I need nurses/assistants for everything, especially cathing.

    I'm not quite finished remaking it yet, but my web site is in my profile and tells quite a bit.
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    Thanks for the advice chick and sjean.

    I only use a Foley for going out, but I would like to be able to have the option to wear something other than my usual trousers.

    I might buy some shorts, and try it out (I actually don't own anything other than trousers right now. Well, I do have leggings, but they are an indoors only garment for me).

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    I like capris. My knees aren;t my best feature these days, especially as I have seriously messed the acl in the left one, and it looks crooked, and is bigger than the right. Just make sure they are loose enough to hide the bag. (I find they are tighter than pants (ie trousers, not undies .....). A skirt works well too, but I usually only wear them if I expect someone to be around when I transfer, to help untangle it, lol. But it makes accessing and hiding the bag super easy.

    Like you, I only use it when out where cathing is complicated. I expect to be using one for 10 days coming up for a trip, the longest yet.

    I have just found bag holders, sort of like a sock/leeg band with a pocket for the bag. I have only used them a couple of times, but so far like them better that the straps.
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    Since Jim doesn't transfer once up in chair there is less worry about his bag dangling or falling out. I just use a regular leg bag but without the tubing--just attach the bag to the catheter directly. I then use a diaper (for safety, so it doesn't accidently open) pin on the inside of his shorts and hang the "button" of leg bag on the end of the pin. The leg bag lies beside the thigh. Usually wearing carpenter type of jean shorts gives more wriggle room.

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