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    I have a Freedom Ryder from 1994. Never crashed. Never had a "speed wobble." Always felt stable at high speeds. So much so that I even removed the handlebar form underneath the seat. My guess about your friend who crashed is that the front wheel was not installed properly.

    As far as copmensating for the crown in the road, my model has an adjustable rear axle so I can compensate for the crown by moving the axle one way or the other. I don't know if that's an option on the newer models.

    If I were racing, though, I would get a Force. The Freedom Ryders are excellent, but I would consider them touring bikes because of the sitting position.

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    Handcycle info

    Can’t thank you all enough for all the info! Like I said before I’m a 24 year old male and finished my first marathon on my XLT pro in 1hr 59min and I know I could have done better. I’m not worried about transferring because when I was just hurt I was worried about transferring with everything, but you learn a new way and it becomes easy with experience Hey Wheel Life what new TopENd bike are you talking about? Are you talking the Force X?

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    While I would love to try a Force-RX(or R or X), I bought a Force-G 2 years ago and do not want to tell my wife it will just take another $6-10K to try a faster handcycle. BTW, I cannot use the Force-G as intended by using the "Gut")

    That being said, there is no doubt that by laying back to a nearly fully reclined position will increase the speed as compared to sitting up. But that has to measured against comfort when training. Over the last 2 years, I have reclined the seat on the Force-G to its maximum. But then I raised the reclined part of the seat back up some since I so often raised my head to see the road when it was fully reclined. Even though I love going fast, I put in nearly all my miles on the open roads and found that I needed to view the road ahead due to rough edges, bumps, curves, potholes, cars, etc. Therefore my head and shoulders are definitely higher than the Force-R/X.

    It is not impossible to go fast on the Force-G with a reclined seat. I completed the my first marathon -- Air Force marathon -- in 1:24:00 last September. This spring I completed Calvin's Challenge 12 hour event with 193.5 miles (16.4 mph). In the case of the latter, I found that I needed to raise the reclined portion of the seat even more to rid myself of neck pain... So, if you are on the road substantially for training, you might think about your shoulder/head position. I do not know if the Force-R/X allows for easy adjustment. Hopefully it does.

    I would love to hear from Force-X, Force-R and Force-RX users as to how they find comfort for high-mileage rides (centuries for instance) and daily training.

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    I went from a Force G layed all the way back to a Force R in 2009. I did not gain much speed going to the force R, but it is a lot more comfortable than the G was. The force G was just not designed to be reclined. My wife has an RX, and it is even more comfortable than my R. The RX with adjustable back is easy enough to raise and lower the back if you want to raise it during training, all though I would just ride it like I race it. The RX is noticabley lighter than my R. My Wife went from a Shark Attack(Euro Version) to the RX, and noticed an immediate increase in speed.

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