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Thread: neurogenic bowel- surgery or other option

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    Thumbs down neurogenic bowel- surgery or other option

    For nurse or neurologist: I have neurogenic bowel/bladder issues result of central, peripheral and autonomic neuropathy. This past year I learned helpful info on management by reading posts in the care community. My condition slowly progresses to the point now that I face the question of surgery. A local surgeon back in '03 said when condition becomes no longer tolerated, he could proceed with a colectomy and ileoproctostomy. Might I have any other possible option? Thanks for your help?

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    Hi Janey
    I think I need some more information to answer your question.
    Is you question about bowel or bladder management?

    How do you currently manage your bladder? bowel?
    Have you have complications with this management? or frequent UTIs?
    What is the nature of the recommendation from the provider to recommend these surgical options for management?


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    neurogenic bowel-surgery option only?

    Hello nurse,
    For bowel I do all preventive measures: 1/2 gal water daily, 30 plus g. fiber, 400 mgs magnesium to keep stool soft. Then manual message & digital stim. to evacuate. This worked until recent months so then added a senna stimulant. Doing all above now with little results, no complete evac unless inducing a diarrhea. Need to avoid that as I have a weight loss issue if doing 2-3 times weekly.
    For bladder it's difficult to void. Told I will need a catheter at some point. Had urodynamic testing in '08. My condition progresses slowly but steadily for both.
    Surgeon says since there is no cure, surgery is my one option when I become completely blocked in the colon.
    Thank you!

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    Whenever there is a difficulty with regularity of bowel program it is best to look at medications currently on before adding on more. You may want to take off the fiber and see if that makes a difference. If you have not had a flat plate Xray of your abdomen I would recommend that. That radiological test can tell you if you have alot of stool in your intestines or if your intestines are distended, etc. If you are constipated with a lot of stool then you may need a stool clean out first before returning to your regular bowel program. Diarrhea sometimes indicates that you have hard stool and a lot of stool that is boring a hole through the hard stool.

    If you are unable to empty your bladder on your own you are at risk for infections.Your bladder function is best assessed through urodynamics on how your bladder empties.


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