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Thread: New wheelchair = Bedsore

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    New wheelchair = Bedsore

    I upgraded from a Permobil C300 to a M300 3G seat about 6 weeks ago. I feel much more comfortable in the M300 as the seat is so adjustable and I seem to fit "in" the seat not "on" it. Unfortunately I started sweating after a couple weeks and tried my best to determine the cause by process of elimination. No bladder infection, no bowel changes and no red spots on my ass.

    At week 5 a sore became visible south of my scrotum and north of my asshole. I immediately changed chairs and am on the mend. I am applying cow 'utter' cream and sore appears to be healing. I continue sit 14-16 hours a day and this is my first sore in 36 years as a c4 quad.

    I am going back to work tomorrow and would like to use my M300 3G. Has anyone had a similar experience with sores in the same area? Or issues when changing chairs? I bought 2 M300's and hate like hell to not use them.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Did you change cushions when you changed chairs?

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    I am using a high profile Roho on the bottom of my M300 3G. The cushions are easily changeable.

    Also, pressure mapping should be done when making a cushion-type change followed by a close watch for a while.
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    You should do pressure relief every 15 minutes no matter what wheelchair and cushion.

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    I'm using my high profile Roho in both chairs. I'm a C4 with very little movement in my left arm and little strength in my right arm, so lifting myself for pressure relief is not an option.

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    Given that info, this is really puzzling. Are you still getting AD sweating? Also, when you were using the M300, did the sweating stop when you got in bed?
    That is an unusual place to get a pressure sore because there is no bony prominence there. Ordinarily, I would suspect a fungal infection. But if you are getting AD, it sure sounds like a pressure issue. This is real detective work.
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    Are you wearing any new clothing or undergarments that may be bunching or wrinkling and causing pressure.

    Since you can't do lifts for weight shifts, have you considered the addition of a tilt mechanism on the new chair.

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    I'm have AD sweating in my M300 within an hour of getting up in the am. I am now back in my C300 and the AD sweating starts after about 6 or 7 hours. No sweating when lying on my side. It's definitely a sore and not an infection. My Dr had never seen a sore in this area.

    My clothes are the same....dockers M-F and jeans on weekends.

    I think the change to the M300 caused the breakdown, but I don't notice that I sit much differently. I want/need to go back to work ASAP but I need to figure out how to comfortably sit in the M300.

    SCI55YRS - do u use a Roho? did you go from a c300 to m300?

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    I use a 4" Roho. The M300 is my first power chair. It is the same cushion I have been using in my manual.

    My suggestion is to get pressure mapping done in the M300. I will be surprised if your sore area shows a high pressure zone.
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    i've got the C300 corpuc 3g model and I hate it ive only had it like 4 months

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