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Thread: New bathroom with trench drain

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    That great , I would like something like that so I could just get the waterhose out to clean the whole thing..
    I hate cleaning my bathroom because its odd shape and tough to get around but your husband did a beutiful job on that room..
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    We use this both on our porcelin but can't tell it from stone tiles and the glass doors we had installed. It sticks on the shower doors or you could probably stick it to your mirror near the bottom. We have a water softner that came with each condo here but this after each shower or both of ours sure keeps the soap streaks from ever forming and is great on the glass doors. And so much cheaper and easier than washing clothes or going through extra paper towels. And I'm still jealous you were able to install the trench drain!
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    Nice bathroom. The tile work is beautiful!
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    Love it... beautiful and functional - priceless! Can't wait to show my husband.

    Great work you two!!!

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    Looks very nice! I hope he installed some type of fan in there to suck moisture out of the room and vent it outside to prevent a mold problem.
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    Wow this is a very beautiful looking bathroom. Do you mind sharing what the dimensions are for the entire bathroom?

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    Do you use a commode chair or bench to take a shower, Emi?

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    Very Nice!
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    Look's great! Your husband must be very handy!

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    Sorry for the delay in reply....don't come to CC much anymore.

    The bathroom dimensions are 7ftx10ft.

    I use a commode chair to shower in.

    And yes, my hubby is very handy. Still loving the bathroom...though we just finished a months long struggle to figure out why the toilet was leaking.... it was due to the sloped floor making the toilet unlevel so the wax seal wasn't sealing. Fixed by shimming up the toilet
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