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Thread: RT300 FES Bike For Sale - 1/2 price

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    RT300 FES Bike For Sale - 1/2 price

    My son has used this bike 4 times. I am attaching a list of the inventory as well as some photos of the bike. Excellent shape. Paid $15K, willing to sell for far less than that. Live in Bend Oregon. Please email me privately at with any questions. Willing to talk. I have more pictures as could only upload these few.
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    Willing to discuss price that we can work together on. Drop a note if interested

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    I am interested in talking to you about your RT300 FES. Could you please contact me @

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    Is your bike still for sale? What is cost? We are very interested. We ride bike 3x/week and our one at therapy place is broke. We need something NOW!

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